What Makes Hot Women Date Average Guys?


Trapped in the desert alone….sucks. Trapped in the desert with her…awesome!

If you’ve been walking through the mall and seen an average (or even below average) guy together with a beautiful women, you probably fell into a classic trap. You thought, “What is she doing with him?” and chalked it up to his wealth or “hidden assets”.

But you were almost certainly wrong.

When you see a beautiful girl with a not-so-beautiful guy, it’s because most (not all) women are attracted to guys for reasons BESIDES their looks.  It’s true.  What makes hot women date average guys is confidence, personality, and sheer ballsiness — these trump looks any day.

As a winner of “The Apprentice” (the Donald Trump show) once put it, “you don’t have to be the smartest man in the room — but you do have to work the hardest.”

Average guys get hot girls because they give it a go while everyone else just sits back and looks at women walk by.  When you see a hot girl with an average guy it’s because he attracted her using his personality.  She was impressed with his confidence in approaching her or asking her out; it’s a simple alpha male approach any guy can use.  Women are hard-wired to respond to ballsiness — alpha males are, in general, better lovers, better protectors, and better survivors.  Check out this girlfriend system review if you want to learn all about being an alpha male who always gets the girl he wants.

Ultimately women want to be with men they respect, look up to, and are attracted to. This is why, if you see an ugly guy in a long-term relationship, he’s probably not devoting his life to her. He has his own purpose and, while she may be a big part of his life, the most important thing to him is achieving his goals.

Most women really don’t care if a guy is good looking. The most important thing is that he’s a man who goes after the big things in life, who will protect her, and who will provide for any children they may have.

What can you do to make hot women attracted to you fast?  One word… be CHEEKY!

You may have noticed women don’t have any sexual interest in guys who compliment them too much, act too nice, or put everything in their life on hold to chase her around like a lost puppy dog.  Women ignore those kinds of guys.

But when a man who is just a little arrogant, cheeky, and cocky comes along, they seem to perk up instantly.  With cheeky guys, women are just waiting (and hoping) they’ll get asked for their phone numbers.

The rule is pretty simple.  When you’re talking to a woman (any woman) act just a little arrogant, but make a joke of it.  “Hey, didn’t mommy ever tell you not to stare at cute guys like me?  You’re so bad, you know that?”

Boom, she’s hooked.

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