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The Best And Worst Beverages For Weight Loss

Three Glasses Of Water

Nothing beats water when it comes to beverages for weight loss.

When trying to lose weight, you probably think more about the food you’re consuming than the beverages you’re drinking. Unfortunately, this absent-mindedness towards what you’re drinking can hurt your weight loss efforts.

By being more conscious of what you’re drinking, you can actually choose beverages that help cut your calories, help your metabolism, and even curb your appetite. To help you make better choices when it comes to the liquids in your diet, here is a list of the best and worst beverages for weight loss, starting with the worst.

Worst Beverages For Weight Loss


By now, you’re probably well aware soda is nothing more than empty calories offering you no nutritional value whatsoever and spiking your blood sugar in the process. For that reason alone, it should be eliminated from your diet.

Even drinking diet soda can hurt your weight loss efforts as it contains artificial sweeteners which have been linked to weight gain. If you’re serious about losing weight, cut out soda immediately.

Fruit Juices

Fruit juice is a controversial topic when it comes to weight loss. Being made from fruit, some argue juices are good for you. Unfortunately, nearly all fruit juices contain a lot of added sugar which makes most of them incredibly bad for you.

If you love drinking juice, help yourself out by drinking only 100 percent fruit juice. This can help you avoid added sugar, while still getting the benefit of the antioxidants and vitamins in the juice.

Energy Drinks

Similar to soda, energy drinks are packed with calories. Unlike soda, however, they do contain nutrients your body can use.

That being said, you can find similar vitamins in lower calorie foods that will fit into your daily caloric intake better. Sports drinks usually don’t hydrate you as well as water and often contain things your body doesn’t really need, so think about skipping them during your next workout.


Going out for a drink with coworkers on occasion won’t ruin your diet. In fact, many studies show the limited consumption of alcohol can actually be very beneficial health-wise. However, if you consume large amounts of alcohol or drink mixed drinks made with sodas, juices, or creams, the calories can add up quickly and can spoil your weight loss efforts.

Now that you know what to avoid, here are some of the best beverages for weight loss.

Best Beverages For Weight Loss


Water is hands down the very best beverage for weight loss. It contains no calories, keeps you hydrated, curbs your appetite, and helps you feel full longer.
Drinking the proper amount of water can also have a positive effect on your metabolism. In fact, research shows that increasing your water consumption by only two glasses can lead to a 30 percent rise in your metabolic rate. The end result? You burn more calories!

So how much water should you drink? That question is answered in the Salvation Diet, which I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t already. Read a review here:

Salvation Diet author, Chris Walker, says…

“Many people ask how much water is enough? A good rule of thumb is to take your body weight and multiply that by .66. So for example, I weigh 180 pounds so the equation is 180 X .66 = 118-ounces. This is the total amount of ounces I need to drink each day. If I’m out in the sun or being extra active, I increase the amount of water since my body is using more.”

Vegetable Juice

Vegetables contain high amounts of fiber and low amounts of sugar. Therefore, vegetable juice can help suppress your appetite. Studies even show drinking vegetable juice before eating a meal can actually lower your calorie consumption by up to 30 percent.

Green Tea

Throughout many different cultures, green tea has been tied to weight loss for generations. This is because the three main components in green tea aid in weight loss by giving you an energy boost, speeding up your metabolism, and curbing your appetite.

Coconut Water

More recently, coconut water has become popular and for good reason. It contains electrolytes which can help with dehydration and increase your metabolism. It also has a sweet taste which keeps some people from missing their sugary sodas and juices so much.

A Closer Look At The Latest Developments In Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Man With A Happy Wife After Curing His Erectile Dysfunction Problems

The outlook for men with erectile dysfunction is brighter than ever!

If you’re one of the millions of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) in America today, then finding the most effective way to reverse the symptoms of impotence is a top priority. Estimates suggest about 30 million American males currently suffer from ED, but many cases go unreported, so the actual number is probably much higher.

Erectile dysfunction comes with its own social stigmas, and many men either deny having a problem or are too embarrassed to seek help. Despite incredible medical advances, such as brand name prescription drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, that can be extremely effective at treating erectile dysfunction, most men still feel uncomfortable talking about the problem, even with a medical professional.

The good news is, the same fear that keeps men from talking to a doctor about ED has also led to remarkable advancements in natural remedies for erectile dysfunction that can be applied at home safely and effectively without any need for prescription drugs. Many of these ED treatments are diet based, and the ED Protocol by Jason Long continues to lead the way in this arena. You can find a good Erectile Dysfunction Protocol review over at, if you’re interested in learning more about this treatment option.

Erectile dysfunction can feel emasculating and deep feelings of shame and subsequent resentment can arise which only compound the problem. The quest to cure ED for good continues, and there are a number of potential new treatments on the horizon. The overall treatment outlook for men suffering from erectile dysfunction continues to look better and better.

With that in mind, let’s briefly discuss a few of the latest developments in erectile dysfunction treatment.

1. Gene Therapy

Currently, scientists are experimenting with gene therapy treatments as an alternative for men who do not respond well to erectile dysfunction medications. The National Institutes of Health states, “Gene therapy strategies that can enhance nitric oxide (NO) production or NO-mediated signaling pathways, growth factor-mediated nerve regeneration or K+ channel activity in the smooth muscle could be promising approaches for the treatment of ED.”

As one of the latest developments in erectile dysfunction treatment, gene therapy has an exciting future, especially for men with severe erectile dysfunction who are unresponsive to PDE5 inhibitors and other medications.

2. Topiglan Cream

Topiglan is a topical cream directly applied to the penis. It is a replacement therapy for men who would otherwise need injections or suppository treatments.

Topiglan contains alprostadil, the same active ingredient in many aforementioned therapies and can help improve penile rigidity. If found to be successful and safe, Topiglan could have an incredibly positive effect on the lives of erectile dysfunction sufferers.

3. Uprima Tablets

One of the latest developments in erectile dysfunction treatments is a drug called Uprima, which is less a direct cure for erectile dysfunction and more of a military grade aphrodisiac. It comes in the form of a white tablet that gets dissolved under the tongue.

Uprima affects the production of dopamine in the brain and helps men with erectile dysfunction by stimulating arousal and heightened sexual interest.

It is currently already available in Europe, but its release in the United States has been put on hold due to several possible and nasty side effects, including nausea, vomiting, and fainting.

4. Melanocortin Activator Drugs

Melanocortin activator drugs influence the central nervous system, and studies show they can help men with mild and moderate impotence achieve erections. They tend to be most effective for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction caused by psychological issues and may not be effective for men with ED due to physical causes.