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What Is It About Dirty Talk That Drives Men Wild?

man and woman being intimate in bed

Fuel his desire for you by talking dirty!

If you have ever been intimate with a man, you have probably been asked to talk dirty in bed.

If so, what did you do?

Did you ignore his request?  Did you try your best to stutter out something that you thought he wanted to hear? Or, did you move his attention towards something else so that you didn’t have to say a thing?

Whatever you did, it is important to know that dirty talk is something nearly every man wants in the bedroom, and in the future, if you can tell a man what he wants to hear in bed, it will quickly escalate his attraction, passion, and desire for you!

Let’s find out why…

What Is It About Dirty Talk That Men Love?

Do you ever stop and wonder why men want you to talk dirty in the first place?

I’m willing to bet that if you knew the answers, you would always make a point of using dirty talk as a tool to ramp up his sexual attraction, keep him interested, and make him want you even more.

And with that, here are 5 reasons dirty talk drives men wild…

1. It Is Exciting To Hear Dirty Talk In The Bedroom

We have all heard that men enjoy a woman who can get wild in the bedroom, and dirty talk is a way to really amp up the excitement both before and after you’re naked and sweaty. 🙂

Talking dirty can help perpetuate a fantasy you are playing out. It can transform you into a sexy goddess that commands pleasure. And, it can show him your bad girl side that he doesn’t get to see very often.

In short, it is very stimulating and exciting. Your transformation during intimacy makes him feel like he’s with a unique woman who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty, and that is exciting for him.

2. It’s A Boost To His Ego

Every man wants to feel like he is amazing in bed. When a woman isn’t scared to talk dirty and lets a man know how great she feels, how amazing he is, and how much fun she is having, it makes a man feel like he is doing something right in the bedroom.

It boosts his bedroom ego and removes worry, frustration, or any other negative feeling. And that lets him (and you) experience maximum pleasure.

Being able to please a woman in the bedroom is a huge turn on for men.  Why?  Well, put simply, because it makes him feel like a MAN.

When a woman is obviously being pleasured, a man doesn’t have to question anything; instead, he can just enjoy the experience fully.  And when he knows he’s pleasuring you, he’ll try that much harder to pleasure you even more.

3. You Become Irresistible In His Eyes

When a woman knows what she wants in bed, and isn’t afraid to tell her man what she wants, it is a huge turn on for a man. A confident woman in the bedroom is irresistible. It adds to the sexual tension, which adds to the overall pleasure of the experience.

4. It Shows You Are Enthusiastic

Dirty talk shows him that you are excited about being with him and not just doing something out of obligation, guilt, or duty. A woman who is enthusiastic in the bedroom is interested in him and everything he has to offer her, and that is a huge turn on for a man.

No man wants to be with a woman who just lays there like a dead log quietly thinking to herself, “Are we done yet?” just because she feels obligated as a wife or girlfriend to make sure he “gets some” every now and then.  A man wants to know you are just as much into him as he is into you.

5. It Stimulates Pleasure Chemicals Inside Him

If he wasn’t excited enough already, your dirty talk helps to stimulate the release of chemicals in his body that increase his pleasure, satisfaction, and desire. It’s like having the key to turn him on and rev up his engine simply by saying a few words.

Not Comfortable With Dirty Talk?

Not every woman is born to talk dirty in the bedroom. In fact, the majority of women out there have been taught to be respectable and ladylike, and letting go with dirty talk is not the easiest thing to do.

But remember, practice makes perfect.  The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Here are 4 things you can do to make dirty talk easier so it doesn’t become an awkward, uncomfortable, or embarrassing experience.

1. Write It Don’t Say It

Writing is a lot easier than talking when it comes to something uncomfortable that you want to say.  Fortunately, dirty talk through text messages excites a man just as much as dirty talk in person.

Letting him know how much you want him or how much you enjoyed last night will keep him turned on throughout the day, and the next time you get intimate he will remember that text and the feelings he felt when reading it.

2. Talk About What He’s Doing

Telling a guy what you want can be hard. Using words that you normally don’t use in bed can be really hard. But, letting a guy know that what he is doing is turning you on is much easier.

So, try telling him how good you feel, how good he feels, and how excited you are. This kind of dirty talk will keep him excited and will help you become more comfortable talking dirty in bed.

3. Role Play And Become Someone Else For A Night

Before you are intimate, talk yourself up to be the woman who lets her man know just how great she thinks he is. You can pretend to be someone else who is confident in her ability to use dirty talk in the bedroom. The beauty is that once you get started, it will become easier and easier to be yourself and tell him what he wants to hear.

4. Check Out The Language Of Desire By Felicity Keith

There is one awesome eBook out there that can help you talk dirty in a way that will rock your man’s world. It’s called the Language of Desire by Felicity Keith and there are some really good write-ups about it over at and

Inside the Language of Desire, you will learn how to get over your shyness, and you will learn dirty phrases and techniques that are proven to hit your man hard and make you completely irresistible to him. It’s an excellent read if you are new to dirty talk or just want to hone your skills to arouse your man in new and unique ways that will drive him wild.

10 Effective Strategies For Attracting The Right Man

Get the man you really want!

Get the man you really want!

Understanding the way men think can take a bit of time and practice, because most men think differently than most women. Biology.  Evolution.  DNA.  Whatever you want to call it, men and women are different, and that’s just the way it is.

It’s actually a good thing, but that doesn’t make it any less confusing.  However, if you want to attract the right man, you will need to realize what actually goes on in a man’s mind and what men really want from women and relationships.

We all have times in which it seems like there is nothing we can do to attract the opposite sex, and it could be that you are just sending the wrong signals.

In order to figure out what you are doing wrong and learn how to attract men the right way, implementing the following 10 highly effective strategies will most definitely help you win the man of your dreams.

10 Effective Strategies For Attracting The Right Man

1. Playing hard to get

There is perhaps no better way to drive a man crazy than by playing hard to get…as long as it’s done the right way.  Since men love the thrill of the chase, by showing men a lack of interest initially, you are making them want to step up to the challenge and work for your attention.

2. Attract a man with mystery

Make an effort to seem unavailable and mysterious when you are around a man who piques your interest.  Instead of participating in boring small talk for hours on end, choose the things you say wisely, keep your conversations short, and always end your conversations right when they are going really well, and he will be stuck trying to figure you out.

Not only does this make him more attracted to you, but you will have much more to talk about the next time you meet.  Best of all, you constantly be on his mind.

3. Show depth and intelligence

There is nothing more attractive about a woman than an intelligent mind!  While your looks might grab his attention initially, they won’t be enough to keep him interested long-term.  You also need to be smart and passionate about life.  By showing your depth and knowledge, he will see below the surface and realize that you are a truly special person.

4. Be fun, a man’s version of fun

Men are obsessed with girls who participate in the same activities as them. What they look for in a woman is exactly what they look for in a best friend, which is probably why so many end up in the friend zone.  However, if you have fun with him, laugh at his jokes, and steer yourself away from being just a typical girl, you will keep him for life.

5. Always look your best

This step speaks for itself.  Men are instantly attracted to women with good hygiene and standards, and are instantly turned off by women who show a true lack of interest in their physical appearance.  You don’t want to date a slob, and neither does he.

Men are very visually oriented so use that to your advantage.

6. Dressing up

Chances are, if that outfit makes you feel attractive, then a guy will find you attractive as well.  Depending on the type of guy you want to attract, you may want to try a variety of different styles.

Since men are visually stimulated people, you will want to wear something that both defines your figure and brings out your best features.  Most importantly it should make YOU feel sexy.  If you feel sexy, then you will be confident.  And it’s the confidence, not the sexy, that will really attract his attention.

7. The art of body language

There are many effective ways to direct your body language at a man, in order to show him that you are interested. If you keep it at a minimum, then you will be able to get away with touching his hand during conversation and acting legitimately interested in him while he is talking. These simple acts of flirting can go a long a way, and will actually get him more interested and wanting to take the initiative.

8. Savor the moment

Of course there will be times when you feel absolutely nervous around him, so it’s important to always remember to have fun.

If the situation begins feeling awkward, try breaking the ice with an interesting topic, while remaining cool and indifferent. When you know how to have a good time, you will be in your element and men will become immediately attracted to you.

9. Say what is on your mind

Always remember to be yourself and express how you feel with no regrets. If you disagree with him on a certain topic, do not be afraid to let him know because he will end up appreciating your opinion a lot more.

Being yourself is always the most attractive characteristic you possess, and you will eventually find the perfect guy who loves you for everything that you are, and everything that you are not.

10. Be genuine

Once again, do not ever attempt to change your personality in order to attract more men. When you do this, you are only sabotaging yourself, and you will end up extremely unhappy in the long run.

You do not want to end up with someone who thinks you are a completely different person!  If you have to change who you are to get a guy to like you, then chances are, he was never the right man for you in the first place, and you will realize that sooner or later… preferably sooner!

5 Steps To Fix Your Sexless Relationship

A sexless relationship is no fun at all...

A sexless relationship is no fun at all…

Let’s face it!  Intimacy is one of the most common causes of breakups today.  Most people cheat because they aren’t getting as intimate as they would like to be with their partners.

As much as couples argue and say hurtful things to each other, it usually boils down to sex.  Sex can fix just about any problem you can think of in a relationship. It is however important to note that attraction may fade after years of having sex or when kids come into the picture.  Also, lack of time and stress can result in a sexless relationship.

Having understood some of the main reasons behind a sexless relationship, let’s now turn our focus to fixing the problem.  If you happen to be struggling in a sexless relationship look no further.  You might have started off great with your partner but now things have become much worse.  This isn’t the relationship you dreamed of having.  Don’t worry.  All is not lost.

Below are 5 steps to fixing a sexless relationship.

1. Find out exactly what you want

This is one of the most important steps to fixing intimacy problems in any relationship.  This step is crucial because it makes you evaluate yourself.  For instance, you will discover if your wants are realistic.

You will also be able to define what a sexless relationship means to you because different people have different definitions.  Does a sexless relationship entail having sex once a month, once in two months, once in six months etc?  You must find out what you really want and have a reasonable frequency in mind before you consider approaching your partner.

2. Approach your partner calmly

Although lack of intimacy can create hostility between couples, you need to approach your partner calmly without anger.  Sex is a very important thing in any relationship.  When it isn’t working, it warrants a discussion. This step is important for bringing your partner closer.

It is important to note that it doesn’t help to point fingers when it comes to bedroom matters. Think before you speak, be calm, and be sincere.  You should also be willing to listen to whatever answers you get, and respect the fact your partner may not see things the same way you do.  Be willing to compromise.

3. Establish the root cause of the problem

As mentioned above, lack of intimacy in relationships is a result of many things.  It doesn’t have to be intentional.  Your partner could be withholding sex because they are stressed, busy, occupied with work and kids etc.  From step 2, you should be able to establish the cause of the problem.

4. Make the necessary changes

From your partner’s feedback, you should be able to arrive to a solution which involves making changes in certain aspects of your life.  Your relationship could be lacking intimacy because you are too busy when your partner is free and vice versa.  Fix the problem.  It could also be a personal issue from hygiene to weight issues and monotony.  Whatever it is, work together to fix it.  It doesn’t help to get defensive or point fingers.

5. Suggest counseling

If the above steps fail to bear fruit or you don’t seem to find or agree about the cause of the problem, you can suggest counseling.  However, this should be a last resort.  Work together to solve things first, then seek the services of a professional when everything else fails and you just can’t see eye to eye.