What Makes Hot Women Date Average Guys?


Trapped in the desert alone….sucks. Trapped in the desert with her…awesome!

If you’ve been walking through the mall and seen an average (or even below average) guy together with a beautiful women, you probably fell into a classic trap. You thought, “What is she doing with him?” and chalked it up to his wealth or “hidden assets”.

But you were almost certainly wrong.

When you see a beautiful girl with a not-so-beautiful guy, it’s because most (not all) women are attracted to guys for reasons BESIDES their looks.  It’s true.  What makes hot women date average guys is confidence, personality, and sheer ballsiness — these trump looks any day.

As a winner of “The Apprentice” (the Donald Trump show) once put it, “you don’t have to be the smartest man in the room — but you do have to work the hardest.”

Average guys get hot girls because they give it a go while everyone else just sits back and looks at women walk by.  When you see a hot girl with an average guy it’s because he attracted her using his personality.  She was impressed with his confidence in approaching her or asking her out; it’s a simple alpha male approach any guy can use.  Women are hard-wired to respond to ballsiness — alpha males are, in general, better lovers, better protectors, and better survivors.  Check out this girlfriend system review if you want to learn all about being an alpha male who always gets the girl he wants.

Ultimately women want to be with men they respect, look up to, and are attracted to. This is why, if you see an ugly guy in a long-term relationship, he’s probably not devoting his life to her. He has his own purpose and, while she may be a big part of his life, the most important thing to him is achieving his goals.

Most women really don’t care if a guy is good looking. The most important thing is that he’s a man who goes after the big things in life, who will protect her, and who will provide for any children they may have.

What can you do to make hot women attracted to you fast?  One word… be CHEEKY!

You may have noticed women don’t have any sexual interest in guys who compliment them too much, act too nice, or put everything in their life on hold to chase her around like a lost puppy dog.  Women ignore those kinds of guys.

But when a man who is just a little arrogant, cheeky, and cocky comes along, they seem to perk up instantly.  With cheeky guys, women are just waiting (and hoping) they’ll get asked for their phone numbers.

The rule is pretty simple.  When you’re talking to a woman (any woman) act just a little arrogant, but make a joke of it.  “Hey, didn’t mommy ever tell you not to stare at cute guys like me?  You’re so bad, you know that?”

Boom, she’s hooked.

How To Know If A Girl Wants You To Kiss Her

Read her signals, then go for the kiss!

Read her signals, then go for the kiss!

A lot of guys are not able to make out when a girl wants to kiss. Thus, they hesitate to make a move.  Guys don’t really know how to be sure that a girl wants to kiss, and lock lips with her without saying or doing anything offensive. There are some signs you can look for. In this post, we have discussed some signs that can tell you when a girl wants you to kiss her.

She Keeps Staring At Your Lips

When you see a girl staring at your lips for long, it’s a sure sign that she’s thinking about kissing you.  However, you should be a bit cautious in your approach. You shouldn’t just bombard her with your lips upon slightly noticing her desire. You should approach the girl slowly, and check out if she responds by a continuous stare at your lips. In case she keeps doing the same, you should proceed and kiss her.

Licking Her Lips While Watching You

If the girl seems to be constantly licking her lips, it’s a definite sign that she wants to kiss. In fact, it means she’s just fighting her strong urge to kiss you. It’s important to focus on her lips, and let her know that you’re also feeling the urge to kiss her.

She Starts Talking About Kiss Related Topics

If the girl starts talking about topics related to kissing, it’s possible that she wants you to kiss her. She might be talking about how no one has ever kissed her passionately. She might even be telling you that she appreciates a great kisser. If you notice such signs, it’s time you should make a move and kiss her.

She Seems To Be Pausing And Expecting Something

There are times when your girl might be pausing or expecting something at the end of the date. This may be sign that she wants you to kiss. In most cases, there’s no other reason for a girl to pause and expect something at the end of the date.

Notice Her Response

Last but not the least, when you attempt to kiss her, you should notice her response. You might find yourself moving closer to her. If she responds by coming closer to you, it’s a definite sign that she wants to be kissed. It’s important to understand that non verbal signs tell a lot more about what she’s thinking than her words. Thus, you should focus on all the non verbal signs she’s giving.

How Do You Get A Girl Addicted To You?

Get her addicted to you!

Get her addicted to you!

Don’t you envy a guy who can go up to any woman and charm her instantly? This is all part of a seductive method of persuasion and covert psychology which yields impressive results. Building attraction entails controlling emotional states of the girl. Therefore, there is no reason you can’t be such a guy by following these straightforward tips.

1. Be unpredictable: Keep her guessing

If a woman thinks that she understands you completely, then she will simply lose interest and feel less attracted to you. Therefore, it is vital to keep her on her toes and guessing your intentions. This does not necessarily mean that you should mess with her mind; but remember that you must retain her interest by giving her the cliffhanger ending she desperately yearns for.

2. Emotional polarity

This is a very powerful technique that mainly entails giving a girl an extremely exciting and unforgettable time in order for her emotions to run high. Do whatever it takes to ensure she is always in high spirits whenever she’s around you. After her emotions start running high, move away from her. You will pull with you the huge amount of emotion you have created leaving her with a blank slate of desire and emotion. This will build a massive attraction since she definitely wants to get something in return for the emotional bond you had built earlier on. She will be yearning to spend more time with you. Therefore, if you are always trying to be the nice guy, stop it!

3. Attraction building

This mainly involves two factors; being valuable in her eyes and making her experience a ton of emotions. By mastering both factors it will be quite easy to get a girl addicted to you. In order to become valuable to her, you should not react to things. You should understand how to elicit reactions out of the girl. If you can get reactions out a girl, then you can make her emotional towards you. Getting a bigger emotional range means she is more attracted to you. Putting a girl in this emotional roller coaster makes her feel attached to you.

You need to employs a mixture of body and verbal signals to express yourself. This could be the way you dish out your wisecrack during serious conversations or the timbre in your unique voice. Learn to create the feelings you desire in a girl by displaying the right traits and no girl will ever be out of your league.

Can An Ugly Or Fat Guy Get A Hot Girlfriend?

Even fat and ugly guys can get stunning girlfriends!

Even fat and ugly guys can get stunning girlfriends!

If you’re wondering if an ugly or fat guy can get a hot girlfriend, the answer is unmistakably yes, and all you have to do to find proof is simply take a look around.

If you ask yourself if Donald Trump is an especially attractive man, you will have to answer no – but his wife is incredibly hot. And if this isn’t enough proof, then take a look at Hugh Hefner. Do you find him especially attractive? Heck No! But not only does he attract hot women on a daily basis, he has a whole team of them awaiting his beckoning call!

When looking at these real life examples, and there are thousands upon thousands more of them, you have to wonder what qualities they offer or characteristics that they have over you, because they are certainly doing something right, and it isn’t simply the fact that they make a ton of money either.

What Women Look For In Men

The simple truth of the matter is that women look for certain characteristics in a man – and this is true whether they are consciously aware of it or not; it is built into their genetic coding from the start.

The problem that most men have when attempting to meet or attract women is that the behaviors they frequently demonstrate to impress the ladies oftentimes are the exact same ones that drive them away.  The Girlfriend Activation System can help you develop all the traits you need to become the type of man women obsess over.

Nice Appearance and Confidence:

Probably the first two things women look at in a man include:

  • Whether he has the self respect enough to keep up with personal hygiene
  • Whether or not he carries himself with confidence

If you don’t take the time for personal hygiene, then you shouldn’t expect a woman to be attracted to that.  Additionally, women want a man with confidence – not one that will cower at the first sight of conflict.


Instead of approaching a woman with an overplayed come on line, try approaching them from a point of respect and genuine interest. Keep in mind that you must also demand respect from others as well, and that the way you start a relationship sets the stage for the future.


Women are attracted to men who have created a stable situation; the man’s job has always been to serve as the provider and women seek this type of security; they need to know that if an unexpected situation arises or one of you falls, there is a backup plan in place. If a person is over the age of 25, has no career or college degree, they can be considered highly unstable.


In addition to being financially stable, women look for men who provide physical and emotional security as well. When a man has a daughter, he becomes her protector and guardian; this has a tendency to flow over into most women’s adult lives and once the daughter becomes married herself, it is her husband’s role to become her new protector as well.


Women need a man that they can trust will take care of business and pay their bills on time. They know that if they become seriously involved in a long term relationship, an irresponsible father will turn into a living nightmare.


Women like compliments, and they need to know that you notice when they change their hairstyle or lose a few pounds as well. Take the time to listen to women, and pay attention to the things they do.


Keep women guessing what you’ll do next in the bedroom, and keep up with the spice in your sex life; if the relationship becomes too predictable by doing the same things over and over it can become dull and repetitive.  When you have a high level of self confidence and concentrate on achieving personal success in your personal and career life, the women will gravitate towards you naturally.