How To Turn Your Dating Profile Into A Chick Magnet

Are attractive women flocking to your online dating profile? If not, they should be!

Are attractive women flocking to your online dating profile? If not, they should be!

Look at your dating profile. How many hits do you have?

Is your phone flooded with texts and notifications? Do you want it to be?

If the answer to that last question is “Yes!”, then read on to find out what’s wrong with your online dating profile and why your phone isn’t being blown up by hot women wanting to meet you.

The simple rules of most dating sites state to add a picture or two, write in a few details about yourself, sit back, and wait for the perfect woman (or women) to be overwhelmed by your overt attraction and confidence. Usually this involves the extra step of searching through hundreds of photos and sending shamefully flirty messages to complete strangers asking them out.

Most of the time that just doesn’t work. And why should you waste time on something that won’t get the job done?

You have a choice here. You can wait until someone finally agrees to a date, or you can have them throwing their cell numbers your way and begging you to text them.

The second options sounds pretty nice, huh? Well, it’s possible if you know how to set up your profile the right way.  Using the dating profile tips below and the attraction tips from something like the Girlfriend Activation System, you’ll be able to get a date with the girl you want and even turn her into a long-term girlfriend if that’s the type of relationship you’re looking for.

How To Turn Your Dating Profile Into A Chick Magnet

User Name Basics

NEVER use your real name or a variation of it with numbers. Harry49 isn’t interesting. Bob69 is even worse.

These types of names say nothing about you that won’t come out naturally within the first minute of conversation.  To make matters worse, when you use a number like “69” all it says to women is that you’re a sex-addicted creep living in your parent’s basement who will likely end up on Investigation Discovery sooner rather than later.  And, no, that’s not a good thing.

Use your skills and hobbies to come up with a fun and frisky name. But keep it light.

Women will ask what the name means. That leads to flirtation and interest.

Here’s an important tip, though: Change your user names on different sites to avoid stalkers and trolls.

Use A Current Image

Dude, unless you’re 28 and are built like Achilles, stop using those old pictures of when you were. Got it?

You’re proud of your old pecs. But if you now have a beer gut, don’t pretend otherwise. She’ll notice the difference. And you probably won’t get a second date because you’re obviously too insecure to be honest about your appearance on a dating site.

Look, you need 5 recent pictures of how you look now. If you’re ready to date, then you’re ready to find someone who will accept you for who you are today.

Don’t crop out ex girlfriends or co-workers. And don’t post poor quality photos.

The pics need to be recent, crisp, fun, and solo. If you can’t handle posting recent pictures, make healthy lifestyle changes and hold off on the dating site until you can.

Your Profile Matters

People are in such a rush to find something to keep their attention nowadays that your profile won’t be read. It will be scanned.

This is where “show, don’t tell” comes into play. OK, so maybe you’re a 2nd grade teacher and have 20 kids to juggle on a daily basis. Great profession, but women want to know you’re witty and can hold the conversation before they waste their time.

So instead of stating the obvious and being just like every other guy online, get creative and instantly stand out.

For example, don’t say:

“I’m a 2nd grade teacher who loves kids.”  –  BORING!

Instead say something like:

“40 hours a week, I’m stuck dealing with knee-high minions in a florescent-lit cave. The minions who don’t eat chalk every time I turn my back make it worthwhile. Between you and me, I’d like to spend some of my free time time with someone, over 3′ tall, who prefers to eat something a bit more substantial.”

See the difference?

Keep it light, fun, interesting, and mysterious. Women want to be able to laugh and know the potential first date won’t be boring or stale.

Humor, creativity, and flirtation go hand in hand in hand. You don’t have to disclose everything right away on your profile.  In fact, you shouldn’t.

Let her stay intrigued. It’ll lead to more interest on her part, will instantly set you apart from the crowd, and will help set the scene for a great date.

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