How To Know If A Girl Wants You To Kiss Her

Read her signals, then go for the kiss!

Read her signals, then go for the kiss!

A lot of guys are not able to make out when a girl wants to kiss. Thus, they hesitate to make a move.  Guys don’t really know how to be sure that a girl wants to kiss, and lock lips with her without saying or doing anything offensive. There are some signs you can look for. In this post, we have discussed some signs that can tell you when a girl wants you to kiss her.

She Keeps Staring At Your Lips

When you see a girl staring at your lips for long, it’s a sure sign that she’s thinking about kissing you.  However, you should be a bit cautious in your approach. You shouldn’t just bombard her with your lips upon slightly noticing her desire. You should approach the girl slowly, and check out if she responds by a continuous stare at your lips. In case she keeps doing the same, you should proceed and kiss her.

Licking Her Lips While Watching You

If the girl seems to be constantly licking her lips, it’s a definite sign that she wants to kiss. In fact, it means she’s just fighting her strong urge to kiss you. It’s important to focus on her lips, and let her know that you’re also feeling the urge to kiss her.

She Starts Talking About Kiss Related Topics

If the girl starts talking about topics related to kissing, it’s possible that she wants you to kiss her. She might be talking about how no one has ever kissed her passionately. She might even be telling you that she appreciates a great kisser. If you notice such signs, it’s time you should make a move and kiss her.

She Seems To Be Pausing And Expecting Something

There are times when your girl might be pausing or expecting something at the end of the date. This may be sign that she wants you to kiss. In most cases, there’s no other reason for a girl to pause and expect something at the end of the date.

Notice Her Response

Last but not the least, when you attempt to kiss her, you should notice her response. You might find yourself moving closer to her. If she responds by coming closer to you, it’s a definite sign that she wants to be kissed. It’s important to understand that non verbal signs tell a lot more about what she’s thinking than her words. Thus, you should focus on all the non verbal signs she’s giving.

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