How Do You Get A Girl Addicted To You?

Get her addicted to you!

Get her addicted to you!

Don’t you envy a guy who can go up to any woman and charm her instantly? This is all part of a seductive method of persuasion and covert psychology which yields impressive results. Building attraction entails controlling emotional states of the girl. Therefore, there is no reason you can’t be such a guy by following these straightforward tips.

1. Be unpredictable: Keep her guessing

If a woman thinks that she understands you completely, then she will simply lose interest and feel less attracted to you. Therefore, it is vital to keep her on her toes and guessing your intentions. This does not necessarily mean that you should mess with her mind; but remember that you must retain her interest by giving her the cliffhanger ending she desperately yearns for.

2. Emotional polarity

This is a very powerful technique that mainly entails giving a girl an extremely exciting and unforgettable time in order for her emotions to run high. Do whatever it takes to ensure she is always in high spirits whenever she’s around you. After her emotions start running high, move away from her. You will pull with you the huge amount of emotion you have created leaving her with a blank slate of desire and emotion. This will build a massive attraction since she definitely wants to get something in return for the emotional bond you had built earlier on. She will be yearning to spend more time with you. Therefore, if you are always trying to be the nice guy, stop it!

3. Attraction building

This mainly involves two factors; being valuable in her eyes and making her experience a ton of emotions. By mastering both factors it will be quite easy to get a girl addicted to you. In order to become valuable to her, you should not react to things. You should understand how to elicit reactions out of the girl. If you can get reactions out a girl, then you can make her emotional towards you. Getting a bigger emotional range means she is more attracted to you. Putting a girl in this emotional roller coaster makes her feel attached to you.

You need to employs a mixture of body and verbal signals to express yourself. This could be the way you dish out your wisecrack during serious conversations or the timbre in your unique voice. Learn to create the feelings you desire in a girl by displaying the right traits and no girl will ever be out of your league.

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