A Comprehensive Review Of The Girlfriend Activation System

The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) offers loads of cutting edge information to help the average guy win the girl of his dreams. In many ways, the dating game has changed a great deal in recent years with the rising popularity of online dating, social media, and video chatting through programs like Skype. But in other ways, the rules of dating remain relatively unchanged since the dawn of time. The Girlfriend Activation System blends the old laws of physical attraction with the new techniques of the modern digital age.

A series of expert dating mentors provide real-life insight and guidance through a series of online instructional videos. There are 23 in total and over a dozen more in the bonus section.  The first obstacle in any long-term relationship is the completion of a successful first date. The Girlfriend Activation System promises not only to help men ask out a girl with confidence, but also to educate men on the secrets of female psychology that ultimately make a girl say “yes.”  (Click here to see how it all works)

Why Use The Girlfriend Activation System?

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Don’t let the girl you’ve always wanted slip away…

A recent video-article posted on the GQ magazine website instructs its viewers on how to date a supermodel like Toni Garrn. Many of the same principles described by GQ are listed in the Girlfriend Activation System. This course is designed with the average guy in mind and works regardless of age, physical attributes, or social status.

We’ve all heard the standard response of women when asked, “What type of guy do you ultimately want to date?” All too often, they tend to want someone “funny, loyal, and honest.” That’s a very general description, and most men want a bit more information to fill in the gaps.

That’s where the Girlfriend Activation System comes in.  GFAS explores everything from approaching, body language, what to say, how to set up impactful and memorable dates, how to pull off an incredible first kiss, and even how to know if a woman will sleep with you on the first date. The dating coaches are very specific about what methods work and why.

And let’s face it.  Most men want a simple, step-by-step formula that doesn’t require a lot of guessing games or assumptions on their part when it comes to dating women. The Girlfriend Activation System is just such a formula.

Learn To Recognize Higher Quality Women

Men are often told very early in life that there are two types of women: those you date, and those you marry.  GFAS never disputes this theory.

In fact, it essentially builds upon it. The dating instructors in the 23-modules start by defining “masculine power” and how it plays an essential role in landing women in either category. Just as men tend to behave differently with women they just want to sleep with, women also exhibit different types of behavior depending on the quality of the guy. Misread those facial queues and flirtatious hair tosses, and you could end up in “The Friend Zone” for all eternity.

What it really boils down to is learning how to make the right move with the right woman at the right time.  Escalate things too quickly with a woman who wants to go slow, or take too much time with a woman that wants to get steamy right from the get-go, and you’re likely to go home a lonely man.

The Girlfriend Activation System defines the way high-quality women display their interest in a potential suitor. Many of these female behaviors are instinctual, natural, and completely automatic.

Members of GFAS learn how to recognize these behaviors and how to respond to them in a way that builds attraction and opens the door for first dates, second dates, social dates, and eventually sex dates. In one of the modules, the dating coaches even discuss how to manipulate your own social scene to get girls chasing and approaching you instead of the other way around.

Here is a short list of some of the other interesting topics discussed in the Girlfriend Activation System.  For a more detailed breakdown, read StabilityPact.org’s article titled, “Girlfriend Activation System Review – Be Her Obvious Choice“.

  • How to appear dominant without looking creepy
  • How to let your guard down without losing your masculinity
  • What to do if you make a bad first impression
  • Seven things that all women want in a relationship
  • When to move in for the first kiss
  • How to begin a conversation
  • How to demonstrate your masculinity through body language
  • How voice inflection plays a role in landing the first date
  • The critical importance of appearing challenging and mysterious
  • When to initiate the first sexual experience
  • Planning the first date
  • What NOT to talk about on the first date
  • How to appear more self-confident
  • How to identify every woman’s Obsession Story
  • The King Game: getting the girl to make the first move
  • How to leave her wanting more
  • And much, much more…

Take Advantage Of The SM Forum

The Girlfriend Activation System also includes lots of extra bonus features. There is a Confidence Package that focuses on building self-esteem, decisiveness, and assertiveness. There is a Seduction Package that offers advice on everything from the “coffee date” to “holiday hookups.” And a third Relationship Package discusses more intimate tips and tricks for making the powerful connection with a woman that will keep her interested and committed long-term.

But perhaps the most important feature of the entire program is the community forum section called the SM Forum. In this rather impressive “question and answer” style forum, members can ask questions and share success stories.

But perhaps even more importantly, they can also talk about the times that they crashed and burned. Men tend to learn best when we make mistakes, and it’s not everyday you get to hear about other guy’s embarrassing failures with women so you can keep from making the same mistakes.  The community forum is full of interesting tips and stories, and the actual dating coaches from the GFAS system (along with tons of other guys who are incredible with women) regularly stop by to answer questions and offer advice.  It’s just a really cool place to hangout and a super supportive group of men, all looking to help each other become the best they can be with women.

Money-Back Guarantee

The final bit of advice in this Girlfriend Activation System review is about the money-back guarantee. Members get a full year to request a refund for any reason.

The cost of the Girlfriend Activation System V2 is currently very affordable, retailing for only $67. This is a one-time fee that includes access to both the original version of the Girlfriend System (GFAS V1) as well as the recently updated and significantly enhanced version (GFAS V2).

The website already claims to have over 70,000 active members, and The SM Forum is loaded with tens of thousands of individual posts.  An upgrade to the member’s area is expected very shortly which could hike up the price, so now is a good time to join if you’re serious about using GFAS to develop the skills necessary to attract and date incredible women.

The Girlfriend Activation System is not a dating program for men who want to pick up the most girls in the local dance club. You can certainly use the techniques to do just that, but this program is geared more towards those men who want to land a qualify girlfriend for a lasting relationship.

But even the “good girls” need to be approached and asked out properly for a first date, and the Girlfriend Activation System teaches men how to maneuver the many different steps that fall between “first date” and “long-term commitment”.

Ready to turn that hottie you can’t stop thinking about into your girlfriend?

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